Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What a Time, a Time it Has Been.... Part 1

It has been quite some time since my last publishing and there has been a plethora of experiences and events to catch up on. Upon the beginning of May and just after my last post, a gift came to me. Some may not see this situation as a gift, and I did not at first either. I received a call late afternoon Monday, May 9th right before I was going into work that our shift had been laid off. I had been employed by Brown-Greer law firm for close to 5 months reviewing claims for the British Petroleum spill that occurred back in April of 2010. I really had enjoyed the work environment and the job emphases on monetarily compensating people in need. At first I was upset and spent the whole week planting a new garden, putting all my energy and feelings into it. This week humbled me to see the light in the situation. Find the good. All at the same time my relationship came crashing down and all I could see was black. I had to...... escape. I did not want to run or hide. I just felt like bursting.

All that had been consistent, was, no more.... To many of us, consistency equals comfort. And in many cases consistency has brought me comfort. At this time though I realized that a transitional period was occurring and I came back to this notion that I read a few years ago, stating "change is the only constant." I realized that my comfort was inside the way I was to change and so I started to travel. This intuitive and spontaneous decision became a beautiful and reflective timeline of healing, opening the motivational path to continue traveling through out the summer and share my live creativity with as many people as possible. And it begins.....

First I spent a few days breathing and relaxing by the ocean in Virginia Beach where I am grateful enough to have a little apartment to escape to thanks to Dad and his Real Estate escapades. The ocean is what calms me. I have been in the water swimming and surfing since the age of 3. It brings me back to my youthful center always. A kid again and always at heart.

On may 20th I trekked back to Richmond to paint for the Polycrons and Silo Effect at the Canal Club. This event had been planned for a while with a huge array of artists, decorations, and an opening Dj session by my buddy Miles Milner, all put on by our good friends TeePee Crew Promotions.

"The Mood was Set"

Installation by Sarah Sage and Walker Willow

A shot of me working next the the TeePee
Thanks TeePee Promo for the photos

The Polycrons played a great opening set for my first experience with the band. Silo Effect closed out the night with 2 electrifying sets with 2 special surprise guests. Andrew Lutwin sat in for 2 covers over the night, "Naive Melody" by Talking Heads and "Fame" by David Bowie. Andrew killed it to say the least! Also during the second set Sam Brouse of Papadosio sat in with the Silo Effect coming in on Kasyapa> Cheministry which is a new song for the boys. After the 4 sets that night and working on the piece over the next 2 weeks while I was traveling, here is the final product from the 5.20.11 show.


Original $170

Prints $10

Just a few days after the 5.20 show I drove down to Jacksonville Florida to visit some very close friends of mine for two weeks and also to catch a free Herbie Hancock show during the Jazz Festival over Memorial Day weekend. What a treat it was to see a living legend in a dramatic but simple trio. Not to mention he busted out the "key-tar". Here is a clip I found from the festival in the middle of a jam during "Chameleon".

Jacksonville is always a much needed vacation. I don't ever need a real big excuse or event to come down. I always feel at home when I go and visit my long time friend Alex and his lady Missy in their sweet hospitality. Always some sort of debauchery occurring. It's never a dull moment with those two. During the last weekend of my stay we went down to St. Augustine about an hour south of Jax where Missy's father owns a beach condo. We planned for a very festive stay and not much sleep. We had music instruments, a battery powered IPod player for dancing on the beach and LED and fire hoops for our visual entertainment. Not to mention the beautiful moon and stars all laid out as a blanket for our eyes to wander. I caught some great shots of Missy and a friend with the LED hoops and one of the beautiful sunrises from the weekend.


Missy and friend with LED hoops

Hooper for Hire

A few days after St Augustine I packed my bags, said my goodbyes, and drove the long 9 hours back to Richmond to then hop back in the car with the Silo Effect the next day and travel to Ad Astra Festival in Big Island, VA. As I walk up to the main stage area I saw my new painting buddy Thomas Robertson-Forrest who I had met in Richmond during a few events. From that point on we have been soul brothers. We busted ass on our canvases Friday night till 11pm when the music stopped and continued early the next morning painting from noon to 11pm with our casual breaks. It felt like a purge of creativity to paint at this length. It was the highest high I had felt in a long time. Soaking in my own creative aura. And with great vibes and motivation from my new buddy Thomas.

"Flower to Flower"

Painted @ Ad Astra 6.10-11.11

Original $150

Prints $10

This was my set up at the festival. The piece on the easel was from the second night and is still in progress.

As for now, Part 1 is over to hold you in anticipation for Part 2. The next post will include my two week trip out to Colorado where I was able to perform at Sonic Bloom Music Festival, creating 3 new pieces! You can sneak preview them in the slideshow above. Plus 2 new shows from the National in Richmond with Peoples Blues of Richmond and the Jewish Mother in Norfolk with Galaxy Dynamite and the Silo Effect since my arrival back from Colorado. Keep it cool everyone, it's hot out there.

Light and Love,

Chapin Mathews

"You don't change the world to travel, you travel to change the world." Dedrick D.L. Pitter